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I'm Anton and I have a passion for film which is what this blog is all about.

Mainly, I want to focus on Reboots and Foreign films but I will throw in a few new releases.

I studied Film and Video at University but really I'm just a fan who likes to write about film.

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The Dallas Buyers Club [2013]

Film: [Matthew McConaughey]
A homophobic cowboy becomes an AIDs victim and fights Government Authorities to help himself and other victims get medication that will make them healthier.


Warm Bodies [2013]

Film: [Nicholas Hoult, Teresa Palmer]
An interesting, amusing and definitely different zombie film which is possibly the first zom-rom-com.


The Frozen Ground [2013]

Film: [Nicolas Cage, John Cusack]
Based on actual facts, an Alaskan State Trooper tracks down a serial killer with the help of a victim who got away.


The Internship [2013]

Film: [Owen Wilson, Vince Vaughan]
Two men who have found themselves to be sales dinosaurs in this tech savvy age try their hand at getting an internship at Google.


The Maze Runner [2014]

Film: [Dylan O'Brien]
One by one a group of teenage boys find themselves unexpectedly dropped into a strictly run boys camp surrounded by a Maze.